Installation of the Muon Particle Detector and Signing a MOU between UWU and Georgia State University-USA

As part of the collaborative work between UWU and Georgia State University on “Modeling Terrestrial and Space Weather and Building Climate Research Awareness through a Global Deployment of Cosmic Ray Muon Detector Network” funded by the National Science Foundation (USA), a Georgia State University expert team led by Prof. Unil Perera, Prof. Xiaochun He, and Dr. Ashwin Ashok visited UWU on March 27th and 29th, 2023. The goal of this visit is to install the first muon particle detector installed outside of the United States and to sign an MOU with UWU.

Uva Wellassa University will serve as a hosting institute for the installation and maintenance of a Cosmic Ray Detector provided by Georgia State University. Furthermore, we are looking for collaborations such as involving postgraduate students in research partnerships to study climate change using cosmic ray telescopes, as well as creating opportunities for local undergraduate/graduate students to acquire climate science related knowledge through knowledge sharing programs.