DOR: Development Oriented Research Grant

    • Department: Department of Applied Earth Sciences

Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) Operation of the Ministry of Higher Education of Sri Lanka, funded by the World Bank.

    • Grant Amount: LKR 40 million

    • Project Title: Coastal Geomorphology, Quaternary Geology and Value Addition to Coastal Mineral Resources of Sri Lanka

    • Project Coordinator: Dr. Amila Sandaruwan Ratnayake

    • Team members: Prof. H.M.J.C. Pitawala and Dr. A.N.A.M.B. Attanayake

    • Research Assistants: Mr. H.C.S. Subasinghe, Ms. T.D.U. Wijewardhana and Mr. W.A.D.B. Weerasingha


Mr. H.C.S. Subasinghe

Research Assistant: Full-time
Research Discipline: Mineral Processing, Earth Science

Ms. T.D.U. Wijewardhana

Research Assistant: Full-time following Master of Philosophy
Research Discipline: Earth Science

Mr. W.A.D.B. Weerasingha

Research Assistant: Full-time
Research Discipline: Earth Science

I consider my appointment as a full-time researcher at the Department of Applied Earth Sciences of the Uva Wellassa University, the same place where I earned my Bachelors, as a privilege. I am motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally and maximize my potentials and gain new knowledge by being a productive and active individual giving a quality performance at all times for the attainment of the goal of the University. My comprehensive background and strong interest in earth science and minerals processing, and my abilities to obtain solutions independently or as a part of a team in subject and practical issues give me the confidence and motivation to meet successful research outcomes while being an innovative contributor to the field of minerals processing and value addition.

I am elated to enrol as a postgraduate student while working as a research assistant for the AHEAD DOR project. My research focuses on the coastal environmental changes and value addition to coastal mineral resources. The friendly and positive working environment encompassed with high-tech research facilities at UWU gives great assistance in completing my goals in the field of research. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisors for the encouragement, advice and patient guidance they have provided throughout my research works.

Enrolling as a research assistant at the Department of Applied Earth Sciences of Uva Wellassa University, the same institute where I studied for my Bachelors was a great privilege for me. My research interest is based on the analysis of coastal geomorphology changes using geographic information system (GIS). I am working on the conversion and analysis of Landsat, Sentinel based satellite images data of coastal zone into readable information.