G. L. N. P. Sumanarathna

Dr. G. L. N. P. Sumanarathna 

Senior Lecturer Gr II

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry(The University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, USA)
B.Sc Chemistry Honours (University of Peradeniya)
Email :nalakas@uwu.ac.lk
Phone : +94 714 788 376

  • Near-IR absorbing organic dye design, synthesis, and characterization.
  • NHC-pyridyl based organometallic catalyst design, synthesis, and characterization.
  • Analysis and optimize of photocatalytic and electrocatalytic catalyst performances.
  • Synthesis of Advanced Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

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Ongoing research and projects:

IRCUWU2021Track-Coordinator, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Feb 2021 to Present


Member of American Chemical Society (ACS)                    (Jan 2017 to Present)


  • Outstanding Organic Graduate Student:American Chemical Society (ACS) Local Section (2016)
  • Graduate Achievement Award: Liberal Arts, University of Mississippi (2018)