Mr. W.A.P.Weerakoon

Mr. W.A.P.Weerakoon


B.Sc.(hons)(sp in Mineral Processing Technology, UWU)
Phone : (+94) 55 222 6676

  • Mineral Exploration
  • Mineral Economics
  • Ceramic and glass Technology
  • Paleoclimate Reconstruction
  • Sedimentology

Journal Papers

Weerakoon Achchige Panchala Weerakoon, Harinam Joshi, Neha Aggarwal, Neerja Jha, Hetti Arachchige Hemachandra Jayasena, Deepthi Yakandawala, Rohana Chandrajith, Nalin Prasanna Ratnayake, Pooja Tiwari (2021) Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous palynostratigraphy and palaeoclimate in the Andigama Basin, Sri Lanka. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: X, 6, 100067, DOI:

Palamakumbure, L., Ratnayake, A.S., Premasiri, H.M.R., Ratnayake, N.P., Katupotha, J., Dushyantha, N., Weththasinghe, S., Weerakoon, W.A.P. (2020) Sea-level inundation and risk assessment along the south and southwest coasts of Sri Lanka. Geoenviron Disasters 7, 17 DOI:

W. A. Panchala Weerakoon, Neha Aggarwal; Neerja Jha, H. A. H. Jayasena, Harinam Joshi, Deepthi Yakandawala, Rohana Chandrajith, K. V. Gayantha Sashika Perera, Nalin Prasanna Ratnayake (2019) Reconstruction of the Upper Gondwana palaeoclimates based on palynostratigraphy, palynofacies and sedimentology of the Jurassic sequences in the Tabbowa Basin, Sri Lanka. J. Asian Earth Sciences, 172, 264-278. DOI:

Aggarwal, Neha, Jha Neerja, Jayasana, H.A.H. and Weerakoon, W.A.P. (2017) Palynofacies of Gondwana sediments of Godavari sub basin: Implications for the palaeoenvironment of continental source. Geophytology, 47(1): 49-57.

Jayawardana, D.T., Balasooriya, N.W.B., Weerakoon, W.A.P. (2014) Geochemical Characteristics of Hydrated Iron-Ore Deposit in Dela, Sri Lanka. Journal of Geological Society of Sri Lanka Vol. 16 Professor P.G. Cooray Memorial Volume pp. 43-52

Abstract and Poster

Dissanayake, D.M.S.S., Pitawala, H.M.J.C., Hapuhinna, H.K.G.K.D.K., and Weerakoon, W.A.P. (2021) Fabrication and characterization of low-cost flooring material based on Sri Lankan red clay and sewage sludge. “Elevating the Quest for Resilience to Spring Forward”, 6th International Research Conference of Uva Wellassa University, IRCUWU 2022, pp 253.

W. A. P. Weerakoon, H. M. R. Premasiri, N. P. Ratnayake , A. S. Ratnayake Jinadasa Katupotha, L. Palamakumbure1 N. P. Dushyantha, D. S. M. Weththasinghe, Rohana Chandrajith (2018) Preliminary investigations of inland coral deposits as a proxy for reconstruction of Holocene sea-level changes. Proceedings of the 34th Technical Session of Geological Society of Sri Lanka. pp 20.

L. Palamakumbure, H. M. R. Premasiri, N. P. Ratnayake, A. S. Ratnayake, Jinadasa Katupotha, W. A. P. Weerakoon, N. P. Dushyantha, D. S. M. Weththasinghe and Rohana Chandrajith (2018) Resolving Holocene Sea Level Changes In Coastal Sediments Using Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) Method Proceedings of the 34th Technical Session of Geological Society of Sri Lanka. pp 19.

W.A.P. Weerakoon, H.A.H. Jayasena, K.V.G.S. Perera, Neerja Jha, N.P. Ratnayake, Rohana Chandrajith, Deepthi Yakandawala and Neha Aggarwal (2017) Paleo-Depositional and Textural Characteristics of Jurassic Bed in Tabbowa, Sri Lanka. Proceedings of postgraduate Institution of Science Research Congress. pp 18.

Weerakoon, W.A.P., Jayasena, H.A.H., Neerja Jha, Ratnayake, N.P., Chandrajith ,R.L.R., Deepthi Yakandawala, Anjum Frooqui, and Neha Aggarwal,(2016) Depositional Characteristics of Sediments from Mires in and around Horton Plains
National Park, Sri Lanka Proceedings of the 32nd Technical Sessions of Geological
Society of Sri Lanka.21


Track Coordinator (Material and Mineral Sciences IRCUWU 2022, Environmental Science 2023)

Academic Sub Warden (2022,2023)

Coordinator for other Universities- UWU EXPO 2022- Exhibition

Member- UWU EXPO 2022- Industry-University Collaboration Event

Senior Environment Officer- Left bank Development Project Kantale-Kinniya by Irrigation Department

Assistant Centre Manager – Centre for Technical Excellence in Ceramic (CENTEC)

Junior Production Executive – Royal Porcelain Lanka Pvt. Ltd.


Ordinary Member Geological Society of Sri Lanka (Membership ID-OM 267)

Life member of Alumni Association of University of Peradeniya(F/L/1997)

Life Rescuer of Red Cross Sri Lanka


P.G. Cooray Medal: The Most Outstanding Young Geoscientist in Sri Lanka (2018)

Best Presenter 2018- Proceedings of the 34th Technical Session of Geological Society of Sri Lanka

  • MRT 321-2 Mineral Exploration Methods
  • AES 411-2 Mineral Economics
  • AES 415-3 Ceramic and Glass Technology
  • AES 492-2 Project Management
  • MRT 367-2 Solid Waste Management
  • AES 251-3 Mineralogy and Petrology – II