Ms. S.D.H.S.Wickramarathne

Ms. S. D. H. S. Wickramarathne

Senior Lecturer (Grade I)
Msc (AIT, Thailand)
BSc in IT (UOM)

Email :
Phone : (+94) 553560090

  • Ontological Engineering
  • Knowledge Engineering and Recommender Systems

Hewawasam, H. P. M. M., Kalubowila, U. K. K., Kiyas, K.M.M., strong>Wickramarathne, S. D. H. S.; Ellepola, C. H. D., 2020. IOT Based Strategic Solution for Tea Leaves Quality Optimization Using Machine Learning Data Model Predictions for Local Tea Industry. Available in

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Maduranga, G.K.C.D., Gayanthika, W.A.L., Silva, A.I.S., Wickramarathne, S.D.H.S., Ranasinghe, R.M.I.S., 2018.Smart Dustbin with a Web Based Point Reward System for Waste Management UWU Conference Proceedings – UWUCP Available in

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Ahamed Sabani, M.J. and Wickramarathna, H., Automatic Price Comparing System for Online Hotel Reservations.

Project Coordinator of the AHEAD ELTA ELSE DP Department of CSI
Student counselor- IEEE Women in engineering
CST Coordinator of Curriculum Development Committee
CST Coordinator of Curriculum Revision Committee
CST Coordinator of Faculty Quality Assurance Cell
Coordinator of BIT External Degree Program-2020
Team leader of Department Program Review 2020
Coordinator for Certificate course in Mobile Applications Development
Student Counselor -2020

  • CST242-3 Software Engineering
  • CST241-3 System Analysis And Design
  • CST345-2 Software Quality Assurance
  • CST394-2 Research Methodology