UWU EXPO is proposed with the intention of showcasing the research and new developments of the faculty and the university and to provide students and the university with the most needed exposure to Uva province and the industry throughout the county.

 Collaboration between universities and industries is critical for skills development, the generation,     acquisition, and adoption of knowledge (innovation and technology transfer), and the promotion of entrepreneurship. This annual event will also provide an excellent opportunity for students and the University to interact with industry, as well as to produce entrepreneurial graduates and graduates who are easily employable in the private sector.

UWU EXPO is organized under the Faculty Technology Transfer Center (FTTC), Faculty of Applied Science, in collaboration with the University Business Linkage (UBL) of Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka. FTTC operates under Activity 5 of the Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) project, with the goal of “establishing a strong university-industry relationship in order to equip graduates with knowledge and skills necessary for a successful professional, scientific, and industrial career.”

This event will help the young entrepreneurial firms access new knowledge, expertise, and industrial networks and bridge the gulf between “Technology Providers” and “Technology Seekers”, lack of awareness about emerging technologies and related opportunities.